Monday, 7 November 2011

Shen Ji Seafood Garden XO Crab Bee Hoon

In the very same coffeeshop that I did a review a while back for Char Grill Bar, there's also another heavenly cuisine that although is expensive but a must-try. With a such a huge signboard outside the coffeeshop, it's almost impossible to miss the XO Crab Bee Hoon by Shen Ji Seafood Garden. 

For the price of $24, the size of the crab they gave me was quite satisfying for me. I mean, look at the size of those pincers! Pardon me, for I'm a huge fan of pincer meat. The XO infused with the thick bee hoon was damn good as well. The fragrance was thick and sweet exciting my taste buds. I didn't leave any bit of the soup hanging around after I was done. 

Holy cow, go try it already! Look at the pincer meat! My personal favourite part of a crab. You will definitely not be disappointed by the strong XO fragrance and the thick bee hoon makes a killer combination.

Shen Ji Seafood XO Crab Bee Hoon
Blk 491 Jurong West Ave 1 Singapore 640491

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